“Between Two Poles” is Nanne Praamstra’s fourth album under his moniker praam. Praamstra, based in Utrecht, has crafted a prolific body of work guided by his imagination and intuition. His earlier albums, “Sentience,” “Perceptionism,” and “Luminance,” collectively accumulated over 10 million streams worldwide in just one year. Set to release on September 23, “Between Two Poles” explores the nuanced and real experiences, characters, nature, and feelings that exist between the polarized voices dominating society. Praam tells stories of scenes on Earth, each track portraying a different aspect of life. The album features collaborations with Dutch jazz musician Eric Vloeimans on tracks “Pune” and “Motives.” Praamstra, having traveled diverse musical paths, finds tranquility in his compositions, with the album serving as a pinnacle in his exploration of the vast world. The album reflects Praamstra’s personal journey, embracing instrumental music as a means to tell stories and pioneer a unique narrative through various instruments and disciplines.

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