Nils Frahm

The virtuoso Nils Frahm knows how to captivate his audience from the first note to the last. By using vintage synthesizers (such as the Moog) and drum machines alongside his familiar piano, Frahm creates an intriguing musical universe where electronics, minimalism, ambient, and piano sounds converge. After the release of “All Melody” in 2018, there was so much unreleased material that the EPs “Encores 1,” “2,” and “3” followed, each with its own unique sound: “Encore 1” focuses on acoustic melodies of piano and reed organ, while “Encores 2” explores the ambient side, and “Encores 3” adds more percussion and electronics to the mix. In 2021, he released the album “Old Friends New Friends,” and in September 2022, he added “Music For Animals”: a captivating, unhurried experience of over three hours.

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