Joep Beving

With his minimalist piano playing, Joep Beving has the ability to touch even the most stoic individuals deep in their hearts. He creates contemplative piano music that he describes as “accessible music for complex emotions.” His albums “Solipsism,” “Prehension,” and “Henosis” quickly garnered millions of streams and established him as a prominent figure in the post-classical composition world.

For his latest project, he draws on Hermeticism, a spiritual philosophy which stems from ancient writings attributed to the legendary Greek author Hermes Trismestigus. At its core are seven universal laws of nature, passed down through the centuries and later compiled in The Kybalion, a text that has influenced New Age theories in more recent times. These concepts – such as the principle of cause and effect and the principle of rhythm – are all about finding a continuous balance in life and existence. β€œThe teachings around these principles feel so truthful to me and I hope they will inspire others,” says Beving.

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