Job Roggeveen

A path with all kinds of different bifurcations, that’s what pianist-composer Job Roggeveen’s career looks like. With Polei, he releases his fourth piano album in three years. Pieces with poetic-sounding plant names because they make those wonderful bifurcations. That unpredictability brings them their beauty at the same time. It inspired Job to create a new series of pieces, where for him those bifurcations stood for staggering melodies. In a few years, Job created a piano style all his own, in which melodies often take just another turn than you as a listener suspect. Small melodic leaps and unexpected accelerations create a somewhat naive sound, bringing together feelings of melancholy and playfulness.

His piano pieces took Job to venues such as Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, the beautiful hall Hertz in TivoliVredenburg, and to a piano that controlled projections on the Dom tower in Utrecht. There, Job opened the Pieces of Tomorrow Festival, bringing together classical and contemporary music, with an audience outside on the Domplein.

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