Jacco Wynia

Jacco Wynia is a Dutch neo-classical composer, pianist and musician. His music ranges from solo piano and soundscapes, towards experimental, towards world music with spiritual influences.

Starting off as a pianist and organist accompanying churches and choirs from his early teens, around age 16 he started playing in bands and ensembles. Since that time, he has always had Music as a job and played in many bands, had a booking agency, set up a music school, and founded a record label where he is now spending much of his time recording and developing new music as A&R.

After studying Popular Music (Rock Academy NL, University of Westminster UK), he needed some time to reset his compass towards innocent inspiration. He returned to making music that gets him passionate. In this process, Jacco keeps discovering more links between different beliefs and spiritual movements, and how they deepen the experiences in this world. These backgrounds find their way into the music, forming the ‘Elements’ series in 2023 where musical experiments embody the connections we have with the elements.  New instruments are added to his arsenal: Synthesizers, Drumsynth, and several acoustic instruments.

The diverse experiences deepen gratitude for being alive. From this gratitude, Jacco wants to share his music with his listeners.

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