Federico Albanese

Between before and now; between reality and imagination; between memory and remembering. Federico Albanese’s stunning new album “Before And Now Seems Infinite” captures and inhabits these moments and passages of time. Blending modern classical and electronic hues with traces of jazz and avant-garde pop, this collection is a reflection of memories and the complex ways they are perceived. The renowned composer and multi-instrumentalist, originally from Milan and now based in Berlin, weaves together a tapestry of sounds that resonate with the past and present.

Albanese’s mastery of the piano, along with his proficiency in electronics, synthesizers, guitar, bass, and more, allows him to craft compositions that transcend conventional boundaries. His music is a vehicle for exploring the nuances of memory, capturing the moments when we decide how to remember something. Each piece is inspired by a specific memory, echoing the sentiment of Marcel Proust that “Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.”

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