Douwe Eisenga

Pianist and composer Douwe Eisenga writes sparkling music for sparkling minds, a hypnotic blend of irresistible rhythms, warm and muted melodies, and captivating lyrics. Honest, down-to-earth music. Often understated and modest, yet possessing a profound, quiet strength: the subcutaneous melodies etch themselves into the listener’s soul. Over the past two decades, his music has garnered global attention. He collaborates with, among others, the British writer David Mitchell, the American choreographer Claudia Schreier, and the Russian Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble. Closer to home, he composes music for harpist Lavinia Meijer, pianist Jeroen van Veen, Cello Octet Amsterdam, Slagwerk Den Haag, and many others.

His music is rooted in rock, pop, and world music. All these influences, combined with baroque and minimalism, find their way into his work. In 2017, Douwe recorded the single and music video for “For Mattia,” a piece he composed at the request of the parents of a young woman who chose to end her life. Unintentionally, this marked the beginning of a rapid career as a concert pianist. The moving composition has been in the top ranks of the Classical Top 400, according to listeners, for five years on Radio 4. This anniversary prompted a guest appearance on the television program “Matthijs Gaat Door,” watched by around a million viewers.

Last autumn, his new album “Open” was released on Butler Records / V2 Records. In the meantime, the press praised the music of the site-specific theater project “Grenspaal 369,” and the documentary “Dertien Dagen,” featuring music by Douwe, was nominated for a Gouden Kalf.

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