DeLange is a Dutch neo-romantic composer and pianist who writes primarily for solo piano. He experiences music in colors and shapes, a condition called chromesthesia. “For me, it has always been natural to picture sounds in my mind, but now I could take advantage of it and compose music as a painter works on a painting: with shapes and colours playing the leading part.”

DeLange had to turn 46 before he felt his evolution as a pianist, composer and as a human being was at its crowning point and he started writing, producing and recording his first album Images. It was a complete success: He has garnered 30 million streams worldwide so far and his first tour where he visited renowned concert venues throughout The Netherlands was completely sold out.

DeLange writes in his own distinctive style, best described as neo-romantic. His work is heavily melodic, somewhat mantric and mainly to be played with ‘feather touch’ -an expression he likes to use as it best describes the dynamics of his work.

DeLange’s latest works are on the new EP Miniatures. For this series, DeLange set up a studio in the legendary Concertgebouw, Amsterdam and recorded five pieces that are inspired on the building’s world-renowned acoustics.

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