Daniël Tomàs

Daniel Tomàs: piano hero in socks (because otherwise his legs wouldn’t fit under the keyboard table) is his work: dreaming. His work makes you forget all the later, then and now, for a moment – like his parents sometimes forgot he was in the room, because he was so absorbed in what he was doing.

The latter element can also be heard in his latest album Pintures I. For this, he locked himself up in his parents’ living room for four months and played everything on a so-called felt piano. The album Pintures II, which will be released in 2024, he recorded from his own
living room, where the upbeat listener might even detect a blanket of outside noise.

Still pigeonholing Tomàs? Then think neo-classical music that combines elements of both electronics and classical piano, and invariably party and improvisation.

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