Büşra Kayikçi

Büşra Kayikçi grew up with music in her native Istanbul, started piano lessons at the age of nine, studied ballet, and also attended a weekend art school. However, she decided to pursue interior design as a profession after high school, and studied interior architecture and environmental design at university, then worked in the profession for three years. “Studying architecture gave me a new perspective on art,” she says – but ultimately she found the creative freedom she had been seeking all along in composition. Inspired by modern classical composers like John Cage and Michael Nyman, she wrote her first works in 2020, just before the covid pandemic began. In November of that year, she self-released the single Doğum (Turkish for birth) and then her debut album Eskizler. Among her most significant interdisciplinary projects to date is her collaboration with the New York Theatre Ballet in 2020, where choreographer Melissa Toogood created a contemporary dance piece based on Kayıkçı’s music.

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