BARTH. is a composer and producer based in the Netherlands. During his studies at the conservatory his love for composition and instrumental music started to grow. The possibilities to tell stories by using only sound and music were and endless discovery.

Deeply fascinated by life, people, nature and solitude. The combination of these things are a great inspiration for BARTH. to write his music. No need for words. BARTH. creates room for himself but also for the listener. With his songs he gives you an almost empty piece of paper, sketches a few lines and then he lets you write your own story to it. Room for thoughts and feelings to come and go, to be at ease in a world that is always in a hurry.

More and more he discovers the need to slow down and unhurry. That’s why he wants to communicate peace and rest with his music. That it will bring a sense of slowing down, taking a breath and help you stay there for a while.

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