Alexandra Stréliski

Montreal based pianist and composer Alexandra Stréliski is a major artist in the alternative classical space. She is a trailblazing woman in the modern classical world and her minimalist, emotionally striking music has enthralled listeners the world over as well as garnering no end of critical acclaim and commercial success.

Her 2010 debut album Pianoscope, went on to reach Gold status in Canada and was featured in Dallas Buyers Club (2013), Demolition (2016), and during the Oscars (2014). The 2018 follow-up INSCAPE, was another stunning success, reaching Platinum status in Canada and winning multiple awards, including Instrumental Album of the Year at the 2020 JUNO Awards, alongside global streaming success. Now a household name in Canada’s vibrant music scene, and with over 300 million audio streams and 140k album sales to her name, signing to XXIM represents the next stage of Stréliski’s artistic development.

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