Rangel Silaev launches innovative concert concept

On Thursday 25 April, TivoliVredenburg presents the first edition of Unravel. Pianist and golden record collector Rangel Silaev takes his place in the centre of Pandora. With collaborations with Mula B, Frenna and Lijpe on the one hand and self-written neo-classical compositions on the other, classically trained Silaev proves that music cannot be pigeonholed. He now explains why he has such a broad musical orientation.

“During Unravel, I will make a musical journey through all kinds of piano music, from new to old, from classical to neo-classical. It will be a surprisingly varied, soothing but also at moments grand-sounding programme. Featuring composers from Chopin to Nils Frahm as well as my own compositions. In my daily life, I also work a lot with modern artists like Mula B and Frenna, because I believe that nowadays there aren’t really any genres anymore. Beautiful and cool music is cool music, and that’s precisely why I enjoy using my background and piano playing in the broadest sense possible, and that’s exactly what Unravel gives the freedom for.” , Silaev said.

Unravel is TivoliVredenburg’s latest concept. Music takes centre stage, literally, with the stage in the centre of the Pandora pop venue. Thus, for an hour, the audience becomes part of an intimate concert by a top young pianist. Never before has the classical music of Debussy and Chopin been linked to contemporary piano music by Philip Glass, Nils Frahm and Rangel Silaev in this way. With this, TivoliVredenburg shows that classical piano works are just as popular as the music of Glass and Frahm, who regularly draw full houses with their neoclassical compositions.