Ambitus gives a name to music that goes beyond the boundaries of pop & classical music

New platform launches on 1 February & unites composers, venues, labels & music enthusiasts

Today’s composers are hard to pigeonhole. Take for instance Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds or Hania Rani. Their music is neither pop nor classical, but as of 1 February, it is Ambitus. Ambitus gives a name to music that goes beyond the boundaries of pop and classical music , and unites composers who colour our current times with their own compositions which they also perform themselves. A joining of forces , because together you are stronger.

Ambitus stands for quality
You know for sure: at Ambitus you are in the right place. A mix of national and international artists is connected to Ambitus, including Dutch artis ts like Annelie , Daniël Tomàs and DeLange and international c omposers like Ólafur Arnalds , Hania Rani , Mario Batkovic ,
Nils Frahm and Grandbrothers . Several venues, labels and bookers are also joining Ambitus.

For and by music lovers
In the multitude of composer s , Ambitus sets a quality stamp. Born out of love for music by music professionals, the platform builds a bridge between those composers and their audiences. Ambitus offers musicians, labels, venues and music lovers an overview, quality
and connection.

Ambitus is here for you
Broaden your horizons with Ambitus. Keep up to date with all the trends in the music world, listen to playlists by and from contemporary composers, learn all about them in interviews and podcasts and attend concerts near you. Ambitus bundles it for you. Visit for your guide through the contemporary music landscape.

Formerly neoclassical. Now Ambitus.