The very first Tony Ann show in the Netherlands

The pianist who transformed the iPhone alarm into a piano ballad is going on tour across Europe. Harmony expert Tony Ann is coming to the Netherlands for a two shows in April at TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht. Due to the overwhelming response and rapid sell-out of tickets for the first show, Tony Ann has decided to add a second show. Tickets for the second show are now available through the TivoliVredenburg website.*

*Update: Both shows are now sold out.

On social media channels such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, Tony Ann manages to introduce younger generations to neoclassical music and ideas, particularly through his “#playthatword” series. Composed using the alphabet on his keyboard, Ann has created original compositions based on words suggested by his audience, many of which have been officially released. Additionally, the pianist takes his piano everywhere and transforms everything into music, such as the iPhone alarm, which he turned into a full-fledged piano ballad.

Tony Ann is a solo pianist with grand ideas. He skillfully blends both new and old styles in his music and is always thinking of ways to push the boundaries of neoclassical and instrumental music. Despite being limited to music without words, he successfully utilizes all eighty-eight keys to his advantage, creating original compositions infused with emotion, technique, and range. This year, Tony Ann released a trilogy of EPs, ‘EMOTIONALLY BLUE,’ ‘ORANGE,’ and ‘RED,’ as part of a series of 15 tracks exploring the various emotions of the human experience.


  • 7 November, 2024


    Het Concertgebouw

    The pianist who transformed the iPhone alarm into a piano ballad with his temporary, instrumental sound world