AMIMEA announces shows in Utrecht and Eindhoven

Multi-instrumentalist AMIMEA will be bringing new music to Utrecht and Eindhoven early next year. On January 28, the pianist will perform in Utrecht at TivoliVredenburg, followed by a show on February 4 in Eindhoven at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven. Ticket sales for Eindhoven have already begun. Ticket sales for Utrecht will commence on September 29, 2023, at 11:00.

As a restless multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Merit Visser has always been involved in both lyrics and music, but under the name AMIMEA, she explores the essence of her love for music: the piano. Fascinated by both the melancholic and the hopeful, her serene compositions create a moment of calm, allowing listeners to focus on their own imagination and discover multiple layers, both in the music and in their own interpretation of it.

Earlier this year, AMIMEA performed at the Kunstkerk in Dordrecht via Opwaarts and took the stage at Hongerige Wolf. The next step is to present her new music during her shows in Utrecht and Eindhoven. Following her debut album “FOR GRANTED,” “Kaleidoscopes” marks the beginning of a new chapter. With “Kaleidoscopes,” AMIMEA takes the time to pause and view the everyday from new perspectives. Recently, the singles ‘Specks’ and ‘Breaking Light’ were also released, which are part of the album scheduled for 2024.

Expect an evening of new music, but earlier work will also be performed during this emotionally charged and imaginative night.